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 Literacy Milestones

    Birth to 5 years

    4 to 5 years

    5 to 6 years

    6 to 7 years

    7 to 8 years

Checklists and Charts
   School Readiness Checklist
   Pre-Reading Checklist
   Pre Reading Concepts
   Pre-sch Writing Examples
   School Entry Writing
   Computing Milestones
   Learning Style
   ABC Chart 1
   ABC Chart 2
   ABC Chart 3
   ABC Chart 4
   Reading Assessment
   Reading Strategies
   Self Esteem-PC
   Self Esteem-Child
   Self Esteem Adult
   Sight Words
   Core Vocabulary
   Reading Tests
   Miscue Examples
   Disab. and LD Planner
   Alphabet Activities
   Listening to Reading
   Sight Vocabulary
   Writing Conference
   Reading Activity
   Teach Reading Strategies
   Phonics and Word Building
   Speed and Fluency
   Vocabulary Chart
   Natural Learning
   Teaching Reading Summary
   Trouble Shooting
   Book Selection
   Print Reversals
   Old and New Teaching
   Case Studies
   Learning from Parents
   Book Selection
   Learning Difficulties

















Checklists and Charts
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Type of assessment

Suitable for

School Readiness Checklist

A checklist showing a set of goals to achieve by the first day of school Birth to school starting age
A checklist of behaviours and skills that your child needs in order to begin reading and writing. Four and a half to six year old pre-readers or beginners
Pre Reading
A reading strategy to check for understandings about print Up to five year old
beginner readers
Preschoolers' Writing Examples Examples of what other preschoolers know about writing gives you ideas about what to show your child Two to five year olds
School Entry Writing Checklist Checklist of experience and skills required for writing upon starting school five year olds
Learning Style A Scale for measuring the learning health of a child.  Just tick the scale. All ages
Alphabet Chart 1 A picture and lower-case letter chart for testing and teaching Four to six years
Alphabet Chart 2 Alphabet chart with both upper and lower case letters for testing and teaching Four to six years
Alphabet Picture Chart Picture chart to use for assessing alphabet knowledge Four to six years
Alphabet Letters Chart Lower-case alphabet-only chart for testing letter recognition Five to six years
Alphabet Chart Activities Ideas on teaching and assessing One to six years
Reading Assessment Article explaining how to assess your child's Reading Seven years plus
Reading Strategies This is a checklist showing reading behaviours (strategies) which are useful and those which will cause problems.  All readers
Self Esteem-P Survey for parents to do on behalf of the child Any age children
Self Esteem-C Survey for children to complete Seven years and older
Self Esteem Adult Survey for adults Adults
Dolch Sight Words Chart of words - a teaching resource All
Salisbury Core Vocabulary Chart of words - a teaching resource All
Reading Tests A short explanation of Reading Assessment and testing
Miscue Examples A guide to typical reading miscues Six years and older
Disability and Learning difficulties Teaching Planner This document is for teachers or parents of children with disabilities or learning difficulties, to use as an aide for planning possible classroom or learning adaptations that could be made to support the child's learning. Parents and teachers of children with disabilities or learning difficulties